Euro Rail Planner is a tool designed for those who wish to create an itinerary for traveling through Europe by train. It combines various information sources with the goal of recommending you an interesting and feasible route for your journey through Europe.

The difference between EuroRailPlanner and traditional train search engines is that EuroRailPlanner is not intended to merely provide schedules between two cities, but is a tool to help in the planning phase of your itinerary. What interesting cities can I visit between Paris and Budapest? How long does the train from Rome to Pisa take? Would it be a good idea to add Amsterdam to my itinerary? Is there an overnight train from Krakow to Berlin? How many days do I need for my European adventure? EuroRailPlanner will help you answer all these questions.

EuroRailPlanner automatically finds the best route for traveling from the origin to the final destination of your adventure, while proposing interesting intermediate cities to visit. It also proposes an intelligent time distribution for each city you visit according to the length of your trip.

We are aware that the original solution proposed by EuroRailPlanner may only partially match your tastes and/or personal criteria. It is for this reason that the initial solution can be completely customized by adding new intermediary cities, eliminating uninteresting destinations, changing dates, changing departure times of trains, etc. You always have complete freedom to create your ideal itinerary.

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