EuroRailPlannerHow Does it work?

You've decided to buy an InterRail pass and now it’s time to plan your route. You need to know which are the most important cities to visit in Europe, the schedules, travel times, the time of stay in each city, the train station in which you will arrive, and the price of accommodation.
All these questions can take several days of work.


EuroRailPlanner allows you to plan your InterRail trip and answer all these questions quickly and easily.

Generating an itinerary

Let's suppose you want to make a European tour from Barcelona to Budapest.

barcelona budapest

EuroRailPlanner proposes a feasible route. This proposition shows the time schedules for each train ride, the train stations, the travel time, the recommended time of stay, and a link to search for accommodation if necessary.

timetable barcelona budapest

Thanks to the "Map" tab we can get an image of your route.

map barcelona budapest
Editing the proposed route

The initial itinerary proposed aims to provide a starting point to your itinerary. This can be fully edited, if times, dates or proposed cities are not to your liking.

Add a new route

The + button lets you add a new route to the itinerary.


Let’s suppose you want to add Milan during your trip between Geneva and Zurich.


Do not forget to edit the next trip, this time starting from Milan.


Thanks to the "Recalculate" button we can generate the new itinerary.

Exporting your itinerary

A summary of all the route information can be obtained in pdf format, to accompany you on your journey.